Friday 1 February 2013

Free No Deposit Bonus

This is all free no deposit bonus for your trading ballance. You will got free capital for your trading account, it is 100% free and you may widraw your profit from trading

How it can be? Where i can get it?

there are forum that give you fee for your post
it give 0.2$ until 0.3$ per post or comment it is easy, for example you posting or comment about 10post a day. it's mean you got 2$/day.. in a month you will collect about 60$ for your trading account, it is totally free and you can widraw your profit from it

Where i have to join?

first you have to register in here for get 0.2$ / post
register in here to get 0.3$ / post
you may chose one or register on both of it
verifie your email, then start comment

When i got my free bonus?

in fist week every month, your posting bonus will sent to your trading account

What broker i have to use for get that bonus?

this forum is belong to instaforex you have to register on that broker with forum affiliet. Put "portalforum" (without inverted commas) to the box "Affiliate code"
then attach your account on your forum account

Is that really pay and not scam program?

yes, it really pay.. this is my account, and my widraw. I even widraw it every day

How is I got loss or MC?

don't worry if you got loss all your bonus for the next month you will got your bonus posting again (if you keep on posting for sure) and you can widraw your profit from your new bonus

but if you loss some of your bonus it will calculated with the next bonus for example As a result of unsuccessful trading by the moment of crediting the bonus for the second month there was $20 left on the account. For the second month a bonus of 70$ was credited, thus total account balance equals $90. However, total sum of the credited bonuses is 50$+70$=120$, you can withdraw profit over $120.

How many maximal posting allowed?

there are no maximum posting, all you have to do is make good posting and comment that have related with the threat

I'm still confuse, would you help me if i join on that forum?

 for sure i will help you with my pleasure just contact me or give comment in here


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